Apple Inc., Turi department, Seattle (Summer 2017)
Machine learning research intern

summer school

Methods in Computational Neuroscience (2019)

Cellular, Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience (2017)

Summer Workshop on the Dynamic Brain (2016)


I have been TA for various classes across multiple deciplines.

AMATH 481/581: Scientific Computing (Autumn 2019)

NBIO 450: Current Research Literature in Computational Neuroscience (Winter 2018)

AMATH 301: Beginning Scientific Computing (Winter, Spring, Autumn 2016)

AMATH 383: Continuous Mathematical Modeling (Spring 2015)

MATH124: Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (Autumn, Winter 2015)

CSE417: Algorithms and Computational Complexity (Spring 2014)

CSE373: Data structures and algorithms ( Winter 2014)

CSE311: Foundations of Computing I (Autumn 2013)

Mathematics in Computer Science 1&2 (Winter, Summer 2012)

Algorithm Analysis and Theory (Spring 2011)


Cosyne Presenters Travel Grant (2019)

Computational Neuroscience Training Grant (2017-2019)

Women in Machine Learning Travel Grant (2016)

National Scholarship Award (2012)

Excellent Thesis Award (2010)

Microsoft Young Fellowship (2009)

Academic Excellence Scholarship (2006-2009)